Artistic scene – Private Area

Wernissage: 22.09, 18:00
Curatorial walk: 30.09, 13:00
Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu

What form can architecture take when it is created without the architect and the architect, without the question – and without the law? What happens when we remove from the design process not only the designer or designer, but also all the values they profess and the rules they follow? The exhibition Private Property was inspired by the Polish building projects of the turn of the 20th and 21st century – a period in which declining communism and hastily constructed capitalism, born in chaos, gave rise to a range of alternative architectural practices. Self-builds are an interesting illustration of the spirit of this era, reflecting its aspirations or aesthetic preferences in a more perfect way than any legitimate architecture.

Festival Club – Karaoke

Wednesday – 27.09, 21:30
Czuła Jest Noc, ul. Kolejowa 8

Sing about the city! MIASTOmovie is back under Wrocław’s embankment. The Czuła Jest Noc bar will again be the venue for post-film meetings. There will be plenty of attractions – including Wednesday karaoke, which has become a new tradition at Czuła.

On the occasion of the festival’s opening night, we will reach for songs starring cities. Remember – nothing helps to defuse the emotions caused by city politics of varying quality like singing a love song to New York or Warsaw!

Festival Club – Film and architecture quiz

Thursday – 28.09, 22:00
Czuła Jest Noc, ul. Kolejowa 8a

Imperfect Architecture. Film and architecture quiz. In reference to this year’s slogan, we invite you to a portion of crazy fun and healthy competition in the festival club! The proven duo of hosts – Michał Duda (Director of the Museum of Architecture) and Lech Moliński (President of the Wrocław Film Foundation) – invites you to a film-architecture knowledge quiz. The questions will not be biased!

Registration will be held on site, and teams of up to three people can take part.

Participation in the quiz is free of charge.

Hosts: Michał Duda i Lech Moliński