Saturday – 01.10, 19:45, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

The 1990s in all former Eastern Bloc countries proved to be a period of great economic, political, social, and moral transformation. Polish society also took an accelerated course in capitalism and faced a rapid transition from collectivism to individualism.

The art and entertainment of the time illustrate the increasing social stratification. The fabulous wealth of the newly rich was juxtaposed with the deepening unemployment of other parts of the population. The organization of family life has also been shaken, which was humorously addressed by Roman Załuski in his comedy. In the film, Jan Englert and Ewa Kasprzyk, as the main characters, are confronted with the growing feminism. A repressed wife flees the cozy apartment in a block of flats in Gądów, to embark on her own conquest of the capital. Her Warsaw is full of colorful and lavish interiors, the design of which often had to make up for the lack of truly modern architecture. Hotel lobbies and stylish restaurants, where the characters hang out, reflect the aspirations of the middle class of the time. In addition, they perfectly transport us to the atmosphere of the early 1990s. Although everything remains tacky and the real revolution is nowhere in sight, the world seems more colorful and provides some hope for change.