Sunday – 02.10, 18:00, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

Observing changes taking place in cities around the world, one would think that Copenhagen, consistently pursuing its development objectives, has become an ideal place.

Sustainability, an eco-friendly approach to design and to the functioning of society, innovative solutions in architecture, and an eye for improving the quality of life of residents – that is how the Danish capital describes itself.

Director Hans Christian Post, a well-known observer of the urban processes in Berlin and Dresden, is looking at his own homeland this time. He points out that it is mainly the neoliberal economy that has driven the city’s success over the past three decades. The transformation toward a livable city goes hand in hand with social costs. In the film, we look at these changes and learn about the scale of the permeation of business thinking and the creation of quality and innovative spaces for residents in Copenhagen.