Sunday – 02.10, 15:00, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

Stockholm’s Hammarby Sjöstad neighborhood and its urban plans created in the 1990s have become a model for city design all over the world. In his design work, the film’s protagonist – urban planner Jan Inghe (1944-2005), successfully combined modernism with a particular focus on residents.

Among other things, he minimized car traffic, increased the number of green areas and communal spaces, keeping in mind the distinct aesthetic qualities, and thereby created a neighborhood in the suburbs of the Swedish capital where the residents feel very comfortable and safe. In his project, Inghe focused primarily on the composition of the buildings, how they fit into the existing waterfront area, and on diversifying the buildings with details. He also took children and their needs into account, by not only placing a number of playgrounds in the area but also by designing communal spaces adapted to kids’ sizes.