Thursday – 29.09, 20:30, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

All meetings are conducted in Polish

The discussion following the screening of Mathias Frick’s documentary, moderated by Igor Łysiuk, will become an opportunity to ponder upon what we expect from architecture, especially visually, and how it affects us. Thanks to the presence of Natalia Olszewska, we will learn about aspects of the perception of space and buildings, explored by neuroscience. In the context of the deconstructivism present in the film, this will allow us to understand why we sometimes feel the impressions we have of particular objects.

It will also be a good time to ask ourselves whether, in terms of form, architecture can still surprise and move us as much as the chief architect of the “Coop Himmelb(l)au” office, Wolf D. Prix, would like. What does another architect, one of the guests, Piotr Zybura, have to say about this? Dynamic changes, not only social or technological but especially those occurring in nature and the ecosystem of our planet, make us wonder to what extent we should talk about the aesthetics of buildings at all. Perhaps it should be considered that environmentalism, as guest Dorota Lesniak-Rychlak thinks, is the new leading style, and the form of the project is of secondary importance, as long as it performs the most essential function of being good for the environment.

MIASTOteam unequivocally disapproves of the attitude of Wolf D. Prix, who did not withdraw from investments in Russia, after Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The documentary is an opportunity for us to present and comment on different views on the design of buildings and spaces.

The conversation will accompany the screening of films „Architecture Must Blaze”.

Free admission.