Saturday – 01.10, 17:40, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

All meetings are conducted in Polish

Two remarkably interesting documentaries, bearing witness to their times and the new ideas emerging in the society of the transformation, will become the starting point for a conversation about the peculiarities of Polish design, where more-or-less controlled chaos and changing conditions seem to be an integral part of working with space.

In the discussion, we will reflect on the founding myths of the new era, with which we have coexisted in our country for many years, and which we are still facing today. We will pay attention to the too rapid formation of new realities, which has led to the constitution of incompleteness, disorder, over-scaling, and over-decorating, as features belonging to the construction of our landscape.

Together, we will try to capture the moment when “taste” became part of the marketing strategy of architects and investors, and when its politicization took on a whole new meaning. Today, it is with nostalgia that we look at the clumsy, yet flamboyant scribbles drawn by the invisible hand of the market on the plans of our cities in the first years of transformation. On the other hand, we gaze with horror at the scrawls of the following decades, when flamboyance of form gave way to spatial greed. At the same time, it seems that we no longer need to ridicule and criticize, that we should tolerate or even accept and then bounce back from this peculiar chaos of ours so that we can look for potential and thoughtfully avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

The conversation will accompany the screening of films Architect Profession” and „Red Palace”.

The event is partnered with the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław.

Free admission.