Saturday – 01.10, 15:00, Dom Handlowy Feniks, Rynek 31/32

All meetings are conducted in Polish

The Open Call, held in July, allowed us to include an event in our festival program that will combine two proposals submitted in the competition. The authors of the winning projects are Kalina Zatorska, known for her Instagram and zine @kontro_wersy, and Natalia Wielebska of Traffic Design in Gdynia.

At the meeting, we will juxtapose two different perspectives on documenting, processing, reproducing, and presenting the process of creating signboards and ads. Referring to the aesthetics of self-made advertising from the late 1990s and early 2000s, and to the profession of store decorator, together with Zatorska’s collection of DH Społem Południe store brochures and price tags, we will learn about the original craftsmanship and technique of creating unique advertisements.

Wielebska will show us a wide variety of examples of redesigned signboards and storefronts, often functioning from the 1990s to the present day, belonging to iconic service stores or regular groceries. They refer to the aesthetics of the time but draw on the best of the design style. You will be invited to a discussion summarizing both presentations. It will focus on the phenomenon of the sentimental movement to save from oblivion the artifacts of the times of transformation, which will be led by one of the coordinators of Wrocław’s “Dobry Widok (Good View)” project.

The event is partnered with the House of Peace Foundation, the operator of the „Dobry Widok (Good View)” project.

The event is partnered with the Fundacja Dom Pokoju, the operator of the Dobry Widok and Inne Centrum projects.

Free admission.