Saturday – 01.10, 21:20, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

All meetings are conducted in Polish

At a special screening of the only feature at this year’s MIASTOmovie, we will be joined by Podcastex, aka Bartek Przybyszewski, and Mateusz Witkowski, creators of a popular podcast about the 1990s in Poland.

After the screening, they will be commenting on the comedy, taking a closer look at phenomena characteristic of the transformation era. Recorded live, with the participation of the festival audience, the next episode of the podcast will be devoted to the exaggerated dichotomy of two perspectives available to women of the 1990s – the “ordinary life” of a woman trapped at home with family, and the “luxury career” of an independent female, who lives in hotels and hangs out at the beauty parlors.

What was the atmosphere of those years and what trends coming from the West were portrayed in Załuski’s full-length film? What was stirring anxiety and what was arousing curiosity among the society shaping itself in the new realities? Przybyszewski’s conversation with Witkowski will certainly help us better understand the atmosphere of the transformation years. For although they still feel familiar, we often look at them with disbelief.

The conversation will accompany the screening of films „Matrimonial Comedy”.

Free admission.