Sunday – 02.10, 16:00, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

All meetings are conducted in Polish

On the fifth day of the festival, together we will look at the aesthetics of the surrounding space from an urbanistic perspective. When discussing the form of architecture, we often focus on specific buildings. This time we will pay more attention to the traditional perception of design, which takes into account the historical context, and also focuses on the harmony of the landscape and its protection.

We will talk about spatial order, a very important issue, often overlooked in discussions about space management, and about how the composition of the urban landscape or the use of small visual design interventions affect our well-being and the quality of our lives. We will ask ourselves: does a beautifully designed city/neighborhood/street/space unequivocally mean a good city/neighborhood/street/space (and vice versa!)?

With Rasmus Waern’s film in mind, we will consider what details or aesthetic elements in a space can make it not only useful but make it good for living. What elements of urban composition are key to its positive perception? And what determined that we so often forget the pleasure of experiencing preserved skyline or attention to dominants of height and color? The meeting will allow us to evoke the memory of experiencing harmonious space and shed some light on what determines this good feeling in practice.

The conversation will accompany the screening of films „An Other City.

The event is partnered with the BWA Wrocław Galerie Sztuki Współczesnej.

Free admission.