In this edition of the event, we have decided to introduce meetings with filmmakers and protagonists of their stories. We hope that this decision will enable our viewers to take on a new perspective on the issues discussed and experience emotions which could not have been aroused during a debate.



After the film “La Comuna 9. Reclaiming a City


człowiek_biały Sandra Liliana Rios – the heroine of the film; a local activist and a social leader, working at the Municipal Office of Medellin
człowiek_biały Anna Bednarczyk – the film director and a sociologist
człowiek_biały Inga Hajdarowicz – 
the film director and a sociologist

człowiek_biały Katarzyna Piskorek – Wroclaw University of Technology, Society of Polish Town Planners, agency in Wroclaw

Screening: April 17 | time: 18:00 | Szklarnia Pub

After the film: „Am Kölnberg

człowiek_biały Laurentia Genske – the film director
człowiek_biały Robin Humboldt – the film director


człowiek_biały Lech Moliński – Wroclaw Film Foundation

Screening: April 17 | time: 20:30 | New Horizons Cinema

After the film: “After the Factory


człowiek_biały Michał Gruda – a member of Lodz Urban Initiative Association “Topographies”; a Polish film producer; a culture manager and a member of the Museum of the City of Lodz staff

Screening: April 19 | time: 14:00 | Szklarnia Pub

After the film “Ruina

człowiek_biały Markus Lenz – the film’s director

człowiek_biały Kuba Żary – Wroclaw Film Foundation

Screening: April 19 | time: 16:00 | New Horizons Cinema

After the film: “An Apartment in Berlin

człowiek_biały prof. Krzysztow Rcuhniewicz, Ph.D – the director of Willy Brandt Center for German and European Studies at the University of Wrocław

człowiek_biały Lech Moliński – Wroclaw Film Foundation

Screening: April 19 | time: 18:30 | New Horizons Cinema