MIASTOmovie: wro

The 3rd edition of the festival will take place on April 16-19 at the New Horizons Cinema, Szklarnia pub and other areas of Wroclaw. 
This edition is held under the banner “Reclaiming a City” - the emphasis is put on the process of creation, transformation and renovation in the context of urban space. We will also focus on the recovery of the memories connected with certain places and on the architectural and social history of the metropolis.

The slogan “Reclaiming a City” draws attention to the concept of giving “new life” to the cities in the social, architectural and spacial context. W will have a closer look at people who save the cities and those who are engaged in the processes such as gentrification and segregation. We will meet long-time city residents who get attached to the place they live in not only due to a 30-year mortgage. The motto of the festival refers also to the struggle for decent life conditions, to the sense of responsibility and belonging, to the grassroots management and to the community activisation. We will take on a local and global perspective and explore alternative ideas for life in modern cities.